What’s this? Why the weird name?

This is a blog. I think I will use it mostly to share links to articles and essays that can be of assistance in understanding contemporary American politics. Several friends over the years have suggested I do something like this because American politics is a big hobby of mine and these friends claim that links I sent them were edifying. So I’m calling your bluff. You know who you are. Read this blog!

Any actual readers will understand my politics by the links I provide and the words I write. So no need to bore you with my world view here.

The weird name, Swinging Dead Cats, comes from one of my favorite authors, Mark Twain. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer there’s a scene where Tom meets up with Huck, who’s carrying around a dead cat. Huck explains that if you go to a graveyard at midnight and swing your dead cat and say some kind of spell, you can cure yourself of warts. Tom agrees that ought to do the trick.

If there ends up being a theme to this blog, I think it will be common myths and misunderstandings people have about contemporary politics. “Swinging dead cats” is a metaphor of sorts. Of course, believing and acting on their superstitious cure for warts leads Tom and Huck into all sorts of trouble. A lot of people, many of them otherwise intelligent, have been going around swinging dead cats in contemporary politics (see: Donald Trump’s head, top of).

But enough hilarious jokes and labored explanations for my stupid blog’s name. Finally, on occasion I may subject this blog to some of my other interests: teaching, EFL/ESL, sports, history, literature, China, Chinese language, cooking, etc. The reader is warned.


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