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I arrived in Beijing on Friday night. A good friend of mine from my Xining, Qinghai Province days generously offered to let me stay with him and his wife for the weekend before I fly to New York on Sunday. The above picture with relatively blue sky was taken from their apartment this afternoon. It’s freezing – feels like it’s below zero, Fahrenheit (!) – and windy, which means no ‘airpocalypse’ but instead bright blue skies. I’m some kind of good luck charm for Beijing. It seems like every time I pass through this city it’s blue skies.

The pictures above: rays of sun breaking through the Dali clouds on my way to the airport yesterday afternoon; Santa Claus and some kind of feathered friend, drawn by a student; a nice if freezing day in Beijing; made burgers and salad with my middle school students last Saturday; a driving instructor somehow managed to crash his car into another car in broad daylight in dry conditions. We often joke about how driving school here seems to be little more than an instructor telling you to go 20 kilometers per hour under the speed limit and to honk your horn at everything, including inanimate objects, but apparently instructors also teach you how to get into inexcusable accidents as well.

I have about 20 hours of travel ahead of me, yet I leave here at about 5 pm Sunday evening and arrive in New York around 10:30 pm Sunday evening. Figure that one out! Or, check out these links:

  • Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? The guy who embarrassess you or the guy you depise? It sure is tough to be a Republican party ‘moderate’ these days, as Josh Marshall gets at here and I wrote about earlier in the week.
  • Some Republicans are blaming President Obama for Trump’s rise, which is cute. He’s their Frankenstein‘s monster. Will the Republican establishment chase him down in time, or will we find them in the Arctic, with Trump grinning like a madman as he sets their collective corpse on fire?

*Note: not a faithful adaptation of the book, but hopefully it speaks better to what’s going to happen.

  • Ending on a non-political note. Listening to Bob Dylan with my friend here in Beijing, I’m reminded of this speech Dylan gave in 2015. Josh Marshall gives it some context; scroll down for the speech itself.

Have a great weekend!


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