Weekend Links

dali cloudy morning
View from my window here in Dali, Yunnan Province on a recent morning.
dali sun rays ila
View from our school this morning.

Some links for the weekend:

  • New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait wrote a few good pieces recently. Here he is on the stakes of the 2016 election for the environment, the pragmatic tradition of African American voters given that the American system almost always requires compromise and gradual, incremental change, and the questions New York Democrats – and really, all Democrats and Democratic Party-leaners – need to consider when voting in this year’s primaries.
  • Also in New York Magazine, reporter Gabriel Sherman has a fascinating article on Donald Trump’s campaign. Sherman deserves a Pulitzer just for the fact-checking technique he uses in this paragraph alone:
    • Trump is cheap, and proud of it. Indeed, Lewandowski’s bonus for winning New Hampshire was a paltry $50,000. It’s part of Trump’s central argument: He will run the government like a business. (Though, truth be told, there are few businesses that operate the way his does: Trump’s company is primarily a marketing vehicle at this point, licensing his name to other firms’ developments.) “I don’t spend much money,” he told me. “In New Hampshire, I spent $2 million” — actually $3.7 million — “Bush spent $48 million” — actually $36.1 million — “I came in first in a landslide, he came in sixth” — actually fourth. “Who do you want as your president?”

  • Bernie Sanders apparently does not know what he’s talking about when it comes to the policies behind some of his signature rhetoric. That’s a problem if you want to be the grown-up in the room come November. Though, not knowing what they’re talking about rarely seems to be a problem for Republican candidates. Anyway, while I’m fine with Sanders as the nominee, his coming up empty on policy makes it a bit harder to Feel the Bern.
  • Speaking of not feeling it, Josh Marshall lets Sanders and his campaign have it for claims that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. As an advocate for vote the party not the individual, I think that Sanders – while it’s his right to campaign as he sees fit – is playing with fire here.
  • Good on a former Republican staffer in Wisconsin for being honest about what motivates strict voter ID laws: knowledge that such laws restrict minority and younger voter participation, taking away Democratic votes.
  • Speaking of Wisconsin, here’s my recap of the primaries there on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


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