Weekend Links

8-13-16 dinner
I’m happy to be back in the U.S.

With my wife out of the country on a business trip, I spent the weekend with my parents on the Jersey shore. Lovely if hot beach day yesterday, capped off with one of my favorite dinners: lobster! My mom found them at the supermarket at $5.99 a pound, so why not? We grilled them, which was easy and we all thought tastier than boiling. Although neither preparation method is likely to get the lobsters’ endorsement. Anyway, to grill them: brush the lobsters with olive oil, place them backs down on grill preheated to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, flip them after six or seven minutes, then grill for another six or seven. Serve with melted butter, and our sides were baked potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. Delicious!

Some links:

  • Murdering lobsters and then writing about it the next day requires one to provide a link to David Foster Wallace’s great essay about the Maine Lobster Festival: “Consider the Lobster.”
  • Donald Trump’s suggestion that 2nd Amendment fanatics might be able to do something about President Hillary Clinton’s appointees to the Supreme Court is just the latest in a long line of similar rhetoric from Republican candidates, officials, and their supporters.  And that “do something” is assassination. Words have meaning and to argue that’s not what Trump was saying is to be a hack or someone who does not understand the language. Ed Kilgore has a brief history, with examples, of people on the political right suggesting violence is appropriate when they don’t win elections.
  • On the bright side, as Scott Lemieux notes in a hilariously titled post “Donald Trump’s Plan of Committing Massive Blunders While Not Advertising Is Going Well”, Trump is losing badly in states that are must-wins for him if he’s going to have any chance of reaching 270 electoral votes.
  • On top of poor showings in battleground states, Trump’s candidacy is managing to put Arizona, Georgia, and Utah (!) in play!
  • Trump is in fourth place nationally with African American voters. That’s right, fourth place. Jill Stein, whom the average American couldn’t pick out of a lineup of two people, is ahead of Trump. Sad!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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